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Multi-view 360º camera for UxS Teleoperations

To enhance the OctoView™ experience Blue Ring Imaging™ has developed a first of its kind multi-view 360º camera capable of delivering enhanced situational awareness (SA) in a compact form factor. The OctoCam™ is a customizable hardware technology for OctoView customers who desire great field of view and SA on their unmanned vehicles such as ROVs, USVs, UGVs, and UAVs. Using an NVIDIA GPU and Sony sensors the OctoCam is capable of up to 4x 4K 60fps video streams with multiple compression settings for bandwidth limited environments. 


• 180º 2D, 180º 3D, 360º 2D, 360º 3D configurations


• Multiple high resolution, high frame rate,
 low latency video streams


• 360º situational awareness for operators 

• ATR and object detection ready


• Subsurface pressure housings for 300M,     1000M, and full ocean depth


• Ruggedized for subsurface, maritime,
 ground, and aerial applications

OctoCam plugs directly into OctoView for 360º situational awareness

Picture of the OctoCam

OctoCam offers situational awareness around an entire ROV

Blue Ring Imaging is exploring ways to bring full spherical video to ROVs which are integrated for every day use. Through a Navy contract, Blue Ring has developed a custom float for the VideoRay Defender to house up to 6 cameras facing in all directions which the pilot can use for situational awareness.


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