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Maximizing Piloting Performance with Unmanned and Uncrewed Systems

Multimodal GUI with Integrated AI Assist and Decision Aides

Blue Ring Imaging™ provides advanced 3D visualization for unmanned vehicle pilots and teams through an AR/VR app called OctoView™. OctoView is used for teleoperations and provides unprecedented levels of situational awareness to improve performance and reduce the total time and cost of an operation.


• Enhanced Man-Machine Teaming


• 360º Situational Awareness


• Improved Mission Execution

• Operator and Task Time Savings


• Enriched Team Collaboration with Multiple Headsets


• Reduce Total Cost of Operations




OctoView displays 3 primary media formats provided by vehicle sensor and telemetry data. Utilizing AR/VR HMDs operators can experience a whole new level of immersion and situational awareness to improve performance and improve task completion times.

OctoView is a SaaS product which can be implemented for individual vehicles or fleets. For information on pricing please contact us.

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